You will get an email once you're selected for a campaign.

Together with our legal advisers, we've created influencer terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the company and Influentials concerning the access and use of our platform and associated services. 

What does this mean?
We introduce Double Opt-in into the campaign workflow. With this feature, we expect that you will read the assignment more carefully, know what the campaign is about and take a collaboration seriously.

How does it work?

1. Apply for a campaign on the marketplace
Campaigns will close automatically after 7 days so make sure you hit the 'apply' button as soon as you can!

2. Get notified when selected
You will get an email once you're selected for a campaign.

3. Read and accept agreement
Go to your profile and check out the agreement page. Here you can see an overview of the agreements you need to read and accept. You will get 3 days the time to do this.

4. Start collaborating 🙏🏻
Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will officially participate within the campaign.

So now you know how to read and accept agreements from Influentials. Good luck!

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